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Joyoung Jiuyang wall breaking machine dj06r

this wall breaking machine dj06r-x03 of Joyoung's wall breaking machine is recommended by gourmet experts. It has the function of appointment, no one is required to stay nearby, and has the function of automatic cleaning. It can break the wall without residue. This wall breaking machine has been planted in the back. It has been used for a period of time. Share the evaluation of using this wall breaking machine dj06r-x03, I hope it can help my friends in the future

real use evaluation of Jiuyang no wash wall breaking soymilk machine dj06r-x03:

after planting grass for a period of time, I felt that the appearance was high and did not occupy space. The soymilk was very delicate and delicious. I immediately replaced the old and antique soymilk machine at home. I think the sound is acceptable from imitation skills to digital skills. I love the wash free function and have voice prompts at every step, which is very considerate. It's almost ready after washing. Have a drink whenever you want. It's delicious and healthy. Transfer to other users to evaluate the details of advantages and disadvantages


[price guarantee 618] [the price will be 1699 yuan on hand on June 16, and 50 yuan will be deducted immediately after receiving the coupon! Dingdong will be sent immediately after placing an order. No matter what kind of material or plastic part, the mold manufacturing tolerance of medium precision dimension is the tolerance sound of No. 2, small red rope thermos cup, light soybean material card! The quantity is limited, and it will only be delivered] the unmanned soybean milk machine is hands-free and self-cleaning; The wall is broken without slag

[JD] Joyoung Jiuyang no wash wall breaking soymilk machine dj06r-x03


JD price: ¥ 1794.00

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other users' evaluation of advantages and disadvantages:

1. The Jiuyang no wash wall breaking soymilk machine dj06r-x03 was cleaned by hand, and the box containing water was almost tasteless after washing. After 300 ml of mung bean milk, there were too many beans, which turned into mung bean paste... Frozen into popsicles in summer. It must be delicious in the busy market! I started cleaning after I finished. It's really a lazy soybean milk machine! It takes 11 minutes to use 300ml. You can start to use it in the morning. After cleaning, you still have time to cool it. After drinking and cleaning, you can wash the receiving cup and cleaning cup yourself. Perfect! Also, the voice is acceptable. What's so terrible about bad reviews

2. A very easy-to-use one button operation, automatic cleaning, and the natural fiber composite is a wonderful flower in the field of composite materials. After use, you only need to pour out the waste water. According to the formula, you can produce good soybean milk

3. Petty bourgeoisie's taste in life. The new product was first bought. The machine is very good. The soybean milk produced is very fragrant and delicate. The noise is not big. It is acceptable in the office. I put it in the office. I should use a small amount of cup to carry the beans. Otherwise, it is difficult to control the amount. The water must be pure water. There are special signs. See the figure below. The voice prompt operation is very practical. It is very suitable for me who do not like to read the manual. Overall, 98 points

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