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Yesterday, the first edition of this newspaper reported that Jinjiang had solved a case of road occupation and decoration in more than ten minutes through the urban grid management system. It is further understood that Jinjiang's urban grid construction has initially realized the "big city management" pattern of "one platform to build a framework and one central bridge to enhance innovation capability". The reason why "digital urban management" can finely manage the city lies in the support of informatization

In 2009, after Jinjiang and Quanzhou Telecom went to Jiangsu and Zhejiang to learn the experience of digital urban management system construction, the two sides formally signed a framework cooperation agreement to determine that telecom undertook to build the software and hardware of Jinjiang digital urban management platform phase I project in the form of "overall integration, full investment, long-term maintenance and shared resources", saving financial investment of more than 7.3 million yuan. After the system is completed, telecom companies can share system data resources within the scope permitted by law

this measure provides a good institutional foundation for the market-oriented operation of e-government construction and the expansion of application services

the supervision and command center of innovative operation mechanism has become a "hub"

Jinjiang has compiled the command manual for the disposal of urban components and events in Jinjiang City in combination with the actual situation, which clearly stipulates the key points and standards for the management of 6 categories of 60 sub categories of urban components and 5 categories of 43 sub categories of events

at the same time, Jinjiang urban management, supervision and command center has established a temporary operation team by Jinjiang Municipal Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau, formulated a system that information collection operation management and center hall management scope rank first in the world, and set up a comprehensive team, a supervision and acceptance team and a dispatch evaluation team to ensure that the platform can find component and event problem information in time, and that the problem information found can be screened, processed and transmitted in time, Play the role of information system

innovative application technology, dynamic and real-time network supervision

the development and setting of Jinjiang "digital urban management" system, including the research and development of 8 subsystems such as wireless data acquisition, call center acceptance, collaborative command, geocoding, comprehensive evaluation, application maintenance, basic data resource management, data exchange, and auxiliary systems such as video monitoring and business SMS

in the specific operation process, informatization can be seen everywhere:

the "urban management link" in the hands of the inspectors, combined with a number of 3G functions, can complete the on-site video recording and information reporting in a few minutes, so that the supervision and command center can more comprehensively and intuitively understand the on-site 5. The gap between the mixing blade and the bottom and side walls of the mixing material; It can also quickly receive the handling plan and complete the handling of urban management cases

the electric vehicle rode by the patrolman is equipped with a vehicle mounted wireless "global eye", which has the function of remote control of pan tilt and focal length, and can comprehensively monitor the city appearance and road conditions. More than 3000 video monitoring points have covered the main roads in the central urban area of Jinjiang, realizing the transformation of urban management problems from passive acceptance to active discovery

the supervision and command platform has a large monitoring screen composed of 24 LCD screens, and each screen plays the real-time situation of the city streets. The outbound call service of urban construction special service No. 12319 is also specially received, and events are dispatched to relevant functional units in time to realize command and dispatching through voice transmission, SMS group sending and other functions, so as to realize dynamic and real-time management. CTI Forum Report

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