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Jinzhou longqiwan Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. uses crude gasoline to make special clothing. On April 27, the civil works of phase I of Liaoning longqiwan Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 2.4 million tons of differentiated fiber project with a total investment of 9.093 billion yuan opened in longqiwan new area, Jinzhou. This indicates that the project has been officially transferred to the construction stage from the preliminary preparation. Five investors from the "Yangtze River Delta" region will support the foundation of the 100 billion Petrochemical light textile industry cluster in Jinzhou City and longqiwan New Area in seven months

the differential fiber project with an annual output of 2.4 million tons is not only the industrial project with the largest one-time investment introduced by Jinzhou in recent years, but also a key project listed in the "12th Five Year" development plan of Liaoning Province and Jinzhou City. It will build 12 sets of differential fiber devices with a daily production capacity of 600 tons to turn crude gasoline (i.e. naphtha) into finished clothes

the reflective clothes of environmental sanitation workers and traffic policemen, and the special equipment of mountaineers are all from differentiated fibers. It refers to the chemical fiber that has some innovation or certain characteristics to the conventional chemical fiber. It is mainly used to improve the wearability of fabrics and is used for clothing and decorative fabrics. Using this kind of fiber can improve the production efficiency, shorten the production process, save energy, reduce pollution and increase new textile products. Measurement technology institutions at all levels have always been the traditional advantageous industries of Jinzhou while carrying out measurement service guarantee. In recent years, due to the rise of raw material prices, exchange rate adjustment and the reduction of international market demand, the profits of the textile industry have been further diluted, and the moving beam has stopped automatically; The pressure of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading is increasing day by day. Traditional industry plus innovation is actually a new competitiveness. Only by taking the road of differentiation can textile better improve the added value of products and realize the differentiated competitive advantage among enterprises

longqiwan new area is the hope and focus of Jinzhou's southward and seaward development. Its development orientation is to build a "China Ocean City" and create a "photovoltaic, petrochemical, light textile" industrial base with a value of double 100 billion yuan. Taking advantage of national strategic advantages, such as coastal development and key undertaking areas of processing trade gradient transfer, Longqi Bay has made great efforts to develop petrochemical, textile and modern logistics industries in the planning and construction of "two zones and three parks". At the same time, the municipal and district levels should do a good job in attracting investment from the south to the north in the "Yangtze River Delta", "Pearl River Delta" and other regions, and focus on the key industries to promote the project to be signed and put into operation as soon as possible

the overall design of the project can better meet the personalized needs of the growing market. The capacity is 2.4 million tons, covering a total area of 5070 mu. The overall construction period is 5 years. After all the projects are put into operation, the annual sales revenue will be 25.6 billion yuan and more than 7000 new jobs will be created. The phase I project has a production scale of 400000 tons and a civil construction area of 375 mu. It will be completed in August this year, and equipment installation will begin in September. It is expected to be put into operation in mid November. After being put into operation, the sales revenue in 2012 will reach 8.5 billion yuan

by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the five investors will successively build downstream textile chain projects in the textile industrial park of longqiwan new area, such as textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, etc., which are expected to drive more than 100000 jobs after all of them are put into operation. Depending on the resource conditions of longqiwan port area of Jinzhou port, Jinzhou City will also build a 100 billion yuan industrial base integrating many advantages of brand, technology, talent (i.e. the continuous jaw, in jaw, parallel section or out of gauge) and scale, and integrating petrochemical, textile, garment production, processing, R & D, design and related supporting facilities during the "12th Five Year Plan"

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