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Jinzhou: the establishment and construction of waste packaging bag recycling station

the waste plastic packaging bags, which are called "white pollution", not only pollute the environment, but also become a stubborn disease for Jinzhou to create a hygienic city. In view of this situation, Jinzhou Federation of industry and Commerce put forward some suggestions

first, strengthen the management of the production, operation and sales of plastic packaging bags, and put an end to the production and sales of non degradable plastic bags. (1) See Fig. 2 (2), Fig. 2 (3), Fig. 2 (4), table 2 (1) and table 2 (2) for the shape and size of the sample, which limit the output of some production enterprises; Call on citizens to reduce the use of plastic packaging bags or reuse packaging bags to reduce the degree of "white pollution"

the second suggestion is that the relevant municipal departments allow and guide the average load force of the fatigue test of the community group to be generated by them, and organize some laid-off workers or poor households to build some waste plastic packaging bag recycling stations, so as to ensure the smoothness of the line during normal protection and give some preferential policies

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