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"Jinshengyang National Tour Lecture

on November 8, 2008, jinshengyang ended the National Tour Lecture Shenzhen station activity in the multi-functional lecture hall of Shenzhen investment building. This time, more than 80 engineers in the fields of industrial control, electric power, instrumentation, rail transit, medical devices and so on were invited to attend the meeting. Jinshengyang National Tour Lecture

" jinshengyang company " Mr. yinxiangyang, chairman of the board of directors of the company, first delivered an opening speech and welcomed all guests; Then, the manager of the company's product department gave a special speech with the theme of "jinshengyang in the world in 2008", which systematically introduced the current situation and achievements of jinshengyang in the aspects of quality inspection organization, product line, technical level, phenol oil processing, washing oil processing, and the development direction of high-end utilization of coal tar pitch when the advanced theory of quality control was established; Then, the manager of the engineering department introduced the knowledge about the application of power products and answered the questions of the audience one by one. During the tea break, the lucky draw and Hulusi performance also added a lot of fun to the engineers attending the meeting

 during the break, the guests also came to the product display area on the side of the venue. If they ignored any one step, many people showed great interest in a large number of jinshengyang's new products, such as ultra-small ac/dc, high isolation and voltage stabilization, and actively asked the staff on site for specific information about the products

 finally, Mr. yinxiangyang, the chairman of the board, stepped on the stage again and gave a special speech entitled "how to choose good power products" to the guests. With humorous language, careful analysis and vivid metaphor, Mr. Yin summarized the quality that a good power product should have. The guests also pushed the atmosphere of the whole conference to the climax. After the end, there were still a large number of guests asking questions to Mr. Yin

 in the continuous warm applause, the whole meeting came to an end, which also drew a successful conclusion for the similar activities of jinshengyang in 2008. The year 2009 is coming. At that time, jinshengyang will bring better power products and technical experience to other sub stations of the national lecture tour and witness the arrival of a new power era with more engineers

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