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Jungdu serves as technical service manager of Songyuan Northeast Asia

Songyuan industrial group recently announced the appointment of jungdu Kim as technical service manager of Northeast Asia. Jungdu will be responsible for promoting the sales of technical business, providing Songyuan with a wide range of product lines and providing customers with technical guidance and services. At the same time, jungdu will also provide professional advice and support for the strategic implementation of the commercial sector and the launch of new products

technical service manager of Northeast Asia region of Songyuan industrial group: jungdu kim

jungdukim graduated from Fuqing National University in Korea with a master's degree in chemical engineering. In 2006, he joined Songyuan R & D department and was responsible for the research on metal catalysts and organic synthesis related to antioxidants. Since 2008, jungdu has held an important position in Songyuan global application community (GAC). It is reported that Northeast Asia is the core market of Songyuan. Songyuan started its journey here and gradually developed into the second largest polymer stabilizer supplier in the world. Customers in this region have cooperated with Songyuan for many years

Songyuan Industry Co., Ltd. is the first step in China: it is a leading manufacturer among the displacement sensors of the tensile machine, focusing on the manufacturing and sales of songnox antioxidant, songnox "one-stop" system, sabostab, hindered amine light stabilizer, songsorb ultraviolet absorber, songstab acid remover, songstab PVC stabilizer, songcat tin intermediate, songcizer plasticizer and lubricant for the plastic industry, surface coating additives, polyurethane Alkylphenol, bisphenol, coagulant and other chemicals

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