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Like our salaried people, their pockets are almost bottomed out after buying a house, so the most important thing in decoration is to be economical. Today, Xiaobian will give you these six tips. If you are not short of money, please detour

like our salaried people, their pockets are almost bottomed out after buying a house. The most important thing of decoration is to be economical. Today, Xiaobian will give you these six moves. If you are not short of money, please detour. 1. Steel and wood doors can be selected for indoor doors. The advantages of steel and wood doors are: affordable, good strength, not easy to deform, strong and durable, and not afraid of water. 2. The cabinet door panel can be selected to grind the pressing plate. Advantages: it has the advantages of good waterproof performance, environmental protection, various shapes and colors and textures. The price is also cheap, and the door panel has many styles and looks good

3 solid wood particle board can be selected as the wardrobe board. It has many advantages: strong decorative performance, not easy to deform warpage, strong nail holding force, good processing performance, and low key price. 4. The cabinet table top should choose quartz stone table top product characteristics: 1) not easy to scratch 2), extremely high temperature resistant, not easy to burn 3), real stone feeling 4), strong pollution resistance, not easy to penetrate stains 5), antibacterial 6), the surface material is non radioactive, and it is a green environmental protection product 7), the stone color is consistent, does not fade, does not change color 8), the material toughness is high 9), not easy to fracture 10), easy to maintain, once and for all, High cost performance. 5. Advantages of choosing MDF for wardrobe door panel: MDF is considered to be one of the most promising products at present. Many people think that the quality of MDF is poor when they mention it. However, choosing MDF for wardrobe door panel will be more durable. The utilization rate of wardrobe door panel is very high, so the door panel must be light. If it is too heavy, the guide rail is easy to break and it is often troublesome to replace it. More importantly, it is very cheap. 6. PVC composite wood floor this kind of wood floor is based on the composite floor with more layers of PVC as edge banding, which has many advantages:

1. Wide scope of application 2. Good dirt resistance, acid resistance, maintenance free 3. Elastic, anti-skid performance 4. Wear resistance, antibacterial, no moth and mildew 5. Good dimensional stability, no deformation affected by temperature and humidity 6. Sound insulation and noise reduction, comfortable foot feeling 7. Rich colors and patterns, fully meeting the needs of personalized design 8 Fire performance B1 level 9, easy to install 7 shower curtain for the bathroom is too small to do shower room and want to dry wet separation friends, see Italy to buy Shower Curtain, not only the price is cheap, old can also be replaced at any time, and can get the effect of dry wet separation, this is not very good. 8. Don't buy crystal lamps with caution. They are expensive and impractical. At the same time, they are dirty, difficult to do hygiene, and waste electricity. After using them for several years, they are easy to be out of date. Many people may say that Xiaobian has formaldehyde? What kind of material is formaldehyde free? Unless furniture is the most primitive way, even red bricks have formaldehyde. When purchasing materials, try to choose brands. Their glue should be relatively environmentally friendly, and don't worry too much about formaldehyde. It's best not to move in immediately after the house is decorated, but to ventilate for about two months. Before moving in, you can also buy some green plants to put in or do some methods that can reduce formaldehyde




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