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The wardrobe is not more, but better. From a home life, you can see what kind of man you belong to, because a successful man has his own unique views on the choice of quality of life. Start with small things and be a successful man

Zuo shangmingshe customizes your wardrobe taste for you. The design is not grandstanding, and pays attention to details to create your own quality wardrobe for you

generally speaking, if you want to observe a man's home life, the wardrobe is essential. From the wardrobe, you can see not only the man's life taste, but also the man's carefulness. If a man's wardrobe is designed in a novel and orderly way, I don't think he will be a slovenly and tasteless person

at present, the psychology of equating wardrobes with women is common in the market, which leads to the fact that most wardrobes in the market are relatively soft in design. It is not easy to find a dark wardrobe with a sense of quality in the market. Here, Xiaobian will recommend several models to you. There are pictures and facts

the design highlight of these wardrobes or cloakrooms is that the decorative materials are selected from the world's leaders in decorative materials - schattdecor in Germany, lamigraf in Spain, Toppan in Japan. The color is calm from a distance, and the details jump out of the common wood grain at a close look, finding a good balance between "suitable matching" and "novel design"

in terms of process design, all the plates used in the wardrobe are E0 grade environmental protection plates, which are written in black and white in the sales contract, making people feel reliable and safe. The plate can be as thick as 25mm, which is rare. Imported hardware accessories, such as Austrian Blum all imported high-end series hinges and guide rails, provide consumers with excellent use experience and quality assurance

the exquisite craftsmanship of the details is not described here. You can experience it slowly on the spot. Here, the editor only reminds you that there will be one or more continuous rows of holes on the cabinet side plate of most brand cloakrooms in the market. Although this practice facilitates production and reduces costs, it is not beautiful and easy to absorb moisture. There are absolutely no extra holes on the side plate of the cabinet of Zuo shangmingshe, because only in this way can the core material be protected from exposure and beauty from moisture

not grandstanding in design, meticulous in details, low-key and with a sense of quality, like a charming man, both inside and outside, as one. So, are you excited

Zuo shangmingshe customizes your wardrobe for you, so that you can enjoy your personalized life in your home life, reflecting the charm of your successful man, your wardrobe, and your life taste





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