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Although companies still conduct business in the traditional way, there are not a few companies that want to expand their business through the Internet. It can be said that this is a general trend in the information age. So for the website construction of many small and medium-sized door and window franchise companies, how can we make the website play an ambitious role

first, precise positioning is more conducive to marketing goods

it is necessary to have an understanding analysis of the whole market, and also have a full understanding of the competitors near the profession, and summarize and analyze them in combination with their own conditions. The website construction of small and medium-sized door and window franchise companies also needs to have an understanding of the intention and function of the station. We should understand that the ultimate intention of building a website is to publicize the company and products, or to carry out online e-commerce, or to build a professional portal, and we should determine whether the website belongs to information, sales or customers

it is necessary to determine the skill solution according to the positioning of the website, whether it is a self built server or a rented virtual server. The website is developed by its own skilled personnel, in cooperation with others, or entrusted to a third party. The security of the website must also be paid attention to

second, the overall beauty is more conducive to the display of goods

the website construction of small and medium-sized door and window franchise companies also needs to always plan all pages. The personality and color of the website should be consistent with the image and civilization of the company. To reach the standard of website construction, the text and pictures should be scientifically planned, and the overall coordination of website pages should be adhered to. Preventing the home page is a kind of personality, and opening the inner page is another kind of personality. As for the franchise company of doors and windows, if it sells bamboo doors and windows, it can appropriately show the personality of bamboo doors and windows. If it is European style personalized doors and windows, it should prevent the use of Chinese style personalized planning. If you want to choose new skills for website construction, you also need to consider the type of collective visiting the website, where it is scattered, age level, network speed, habit of reading pages, etc. In the time of page planning, we also need to optimize the structure, labels, layout, etc. of the website, so that we can get the favor of the search engine, so that we can have a better ranking next to the search results ranking. It is also necessary to determine the scheme of page revision, for example, all the revisions will be carried out in 6 months or 1 year. The website needs to be protected, such as the protection of servers and hardware. Potential questions should be evaluated. The most important aspect of website protection is to clean up the database on time. Therefore, the protection of the database cannot be underestimated




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