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Owner's self statement: it has been more than 2 months since the decoration was completed. The design was my own idea, and I didn't even have the design drawings. We started like this. I admit that I'm not even an amateur. It's all based on my personal preferences &hellip& hellip; The house is not luxurious and exquisite, but comfortable and practical. Plus, the final cost of balcony decoration is 198000, which is expected to be 150000, which is still a lot more than that. Most of the soft clothes come from online shopping, which saves a lot of money. Spend more money on wood and paint, and the big TV that my husband loves most is more expensive. Others pay attention to economy and do not seek luxury brands

living room. I like simplicity and pursue a simple and happy life. Furniture, walls and curtains are mostly cold colors, decorated with brightly colored decorations. Ceiling lights and TV background lights are all blue. However, the ceiling lamp is blue in one circle and the spotlight in the middle is warm yellow, so the real effect is blue and purple

sofa, dark gray purple, how can it become dark gray when photographed




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