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Saving money in decoration has always been the focus of attention of many people. Does room decoration save money? How to save money? Recently, through the investigation of home shopping malls, material manufacturers and decoration companies, the answer of "decoration does not save money" has been found for the general public. On the topic of saving money in decoration, insiders generally believe that people have entered a misunderstanding about "saving money in decoration". Generally, decoration will not save money, and it is impossible to save money

saving money in decoration has always been the focus of attention of many people. Does room decoration save money? How to save money? Recently, through the investigation of household stores, material manufacturers and decoration companies, we found “ Decoration does not save money ” Answer to. On the topic of saving money or not in decoration, insiders generally believe that: people are interested in “ Decoration saves money ” Entered a misunderstanding, under normal circumstances, decoration will not save money, it is impossible to save money

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consumption misunderstanding

buying promotional products saves money

on holidays, home stores will spare no effort to promote sales. Many brands launch low-cost and special price products, all of which are focusing on people's decoration to save money. But will you save money or not

recently conducted a random interview in a home shopping mall. A Miss Li said: “ I am very concerned about the promotional activities of this store, hoping to save money by buying special products, but after buying special products, it is not much different from usual& rdquo; Another Mr. Zhao said very directly, he said: “ Some home shopping malls engage in promotions, and manufacturers take the opportunity to play special price cards, which is somewhat tempting. However, due to the limited number of special price products, consumers have to increase the number after purchasing. In the process of increasing the number, businesses must do something to make their own budget for purchasing products larger. It's easier said than done to really save money& rdquo; In response to these problems encountered by consumers, industry marketing experts believe that consumers blindly rush to the psychology of special prices to buy materials or household goods, often ignoring the precautions against merchants, which will lead to budget discrepancies. Therefore, consumers need to be particularly careful when purchasing materials at special prices

design agency

home decoration cannot only consider saving money

designers generally believe that the home should not only be installed comfortably, beautifully and safely, but also pay attention to function and practicality, so we cannot only consider saving money. Beautify the living environment, especially need to pay attention to environmental protection and safety, not to save money at the expense of health. The practical function of home is mainly reflected in the room space and water and electricity transformation, which is the basic part of the overall home decoration project. People can't save this expenditure. Even if it is saved, it will inevitably lead to problems over time. Insiders say that decoration is a systematic project, and there are certain standards and rules in every link from design, material selection, construction to project acceptance. Therefore, saving money is only a relative concept, not an absolute one. Many families have budget overruns in decoration, which is enough to show that saving money is uncontrollable. Therefore, when doing decoration, you can't feel that you save money just because you buy some special price products. Such a judgment is a misunderstanding

consumer voice

if you want to do a good job in decoration, you can't save money

about saving money in decoration, you have a random telephone interview with the owners who have finished decoration recently. On the phone, a consumer surnamed Xiao said: “ Decoration is indeed a worry. Just before decoration, we looked everywhere for materials, furniture and decoration companies, hoping to save a little. Finally, although the purchase of materials is cheap, the cost of labor and other costs can not be controlled, resulting in many intangible costs. By the end of the decoration, the cost has already exceeded the standard. We are still very satisfied with the decoration effect. Here I want to tell the new decoration friends a problem: do decoration, buy materials, and find a decoration company. Don't think about saving money. Some money can't be saved in decoration& rdquo;




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