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Recently, the reporter of Huiya media interviewed Qiu Jinrong, the marketing director of Meige doors and windows. President Qiu analyzed the opportunities and challenges met by Meige on the development path around the hot issues of industry development

as a high-end door and window brand in the industry, Meige door and window has earned enough attention from the industry once it appeared. It is the unswerving original intention of Meige door and window to do a good job in product quality and service. Recently, the reporter of Huiya media interviewed Qiu Jinrong, the marketing director of Meige doors and windows. President Qiu analyzed the opportunities and challenges met by Meige on the development path around the hot issues of industry development

interview guests: Qiu Jinrong, marketing director of Meige doors and windows

Qiu Jinrong, marketing director of Meige doors and windows

President Qiu: the launch of Meige, a high-end brand, is a key deployment of the company's strategic development. On the one hand, due to the continuous changes in the middle-end consumer market, on the other hand, in response to the requirements of the national supply side reform, we should provide consumers with higher quality products, and lay a solid foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises in the future. Therefore, we have launched a high-end brand to ensure that all aspects of quality and service are products with high positioning, which is our original intention

China aluminum doors and windows: Nowadays, diversification and customization have gradually become the mainstream trend of the consumer market. What are the advantages and characteristics of Meige's products and how to position them

President Qiu: our Meige brand is independently researched and developed in all aspects of product innovation. Our company has always adhered to the brand concept of independent research and development, professional production and green environmental protection. All products, from style, color to accessories, are the results of market research. Our products mainly have two characteristics. On the one hand, they interpret our excellent traditional culture in China from a traditional perspective, such as a more luxurious and rich style; On the other hand, in order to adapt to the younger market, we have designed more fashionable and simple colors and personalization to create a passionate and personalized home experience for young people

China aluminum doors and windows: in terms of terminal assistance, the training of dealers by manufacturers is a link that cannot be ignored. Could you please introduce how Meige carries out activities in this regard? What skills do you think are the most important in the training

president Qiu: "the user is the benefactor of the enterprise, the dealer is his own person, and he is the owner of the enterprise", which is the essence of our corporate culture. We can see our positioning of dealers. They are a member of our enterprise and our family, so our help to dealers is equal to our support to our own people. We mainly support dealers through several aspects: first, the early stage includes a series of store image design, construction design, etc., so dealers don't have to worry about the troubles caused by all kinds of trivia of opening a store; Second, we will provide professional suggestions on the model matching and market positioning of products, tell them what to do in the local market, and assist them in designing and planning; Third, in terms of training, as a dealer team, from sales to installation is a very important part of team building. We can improve the professional skills of dealers by arranging dealers to attend training courses on product production, structure, sales, etc. in the company; Fourth, we will arrange professional business managers and technicians to guide the store, including product recommendation, installation and other aspects. This is a relatively professional and comprehensive training

the branding of "China aluminum doors and windows" is the only way for door and window enterprises to develop and grow. We see that Meige brand has invited spokesmen to cheer, so in the next brand plan, how will the company plan the expansion of Meige in the national market

President Qiu: I think product quality is the foundation of brand, so the company's key work is to develop products, control product quality and service, and make products to the extreme, which is the foundation and core of our brand building. On the other hand, in order to let consumers know and use our good products, we will also strengthen publicity. For example, we join hands with national film and television star Wang like to jointly build the brand of "Meige doors and windows"; We have reached all-round cooperation with Huiya media, a well-known media in the country, such as networks and magazines; And the next series of actions, such as exhibition, CCTV advertising, outdoor advertising, etc., are all in the company's brand building plan

China aluminum doors and windows will end soon in 2016. What kind of strategic deployment and planning will Meige use in marketing, production, terminals and other aspects to meet the new year

president Qiu: before the launch of the "Meige" brand, our company has configured relatively advanced equipment in production and technology, and is ready for a series of product research and development. Next, developing new product lines and enriching production lines will become the top priority. Today, our production operation is becoming more and more mature, which provides guarantee for the final product quality and later service. In terms of marketing, we will carry out investment attraction in the national market, and constantly expand the popularity and reputation of our brand through online + online, media, exhibitions, and even CCTV advertising. In addition, building brands in key areas will also become another key task. In terms of dealer terminals, we will improve the comprehensive ability of dealers, including theory, product understanding and sales skills, as well as the development of the whole market and team building, so that dealers can gradually adapt to the corporate mode of operation, develop and grow with us, and achieve a win-win situation





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