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Different colors give people different feelings, and the Feng Shui aura created is also different. Therefore, when decorating the bathroom, the choice of color also needs to pay attention to Feng Shui; So in Feng Shui, how to choose the Feng Shui color of bathroom decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

how to choose the geomantic color of bathroom decoration

how to choose the geomantic color of bathroom decoration

for the bathroom, the color should be light

white can be said to be the most common color in the bathroom, and cleanliness and brightness are the most obvious impression. Relatively speaking, white is also very consistent with people's demand for bathroom. It is the so-called "dirty places need to be clean, smelly places should be more Finnish", so for bathroom, white is particularly suitable for bathroom, complementary and balanced

secondly, it is better not to use bright red, golden yellow and other colors that belong to fire in the five elements in the bathroom, because the bathroom is the place where filth is excreted, and "villains" hide. Such colors are easy to make them "fire", so they should be avoided

in addition, the effect of matching dark and light colors in bathroom is also good. But it should be noted here that the use of dark colors such as black and dark green alone in home decoration is easy to make people feel dull and dirty, so it needs to be used with white to avoid being too depressed in the bathroom

on the wall and floor materials of the bathroom, you can choose floor tiles or mosaics for decoration in life. In terms of color, it is better to be close to the color of transparent liquid. Of course, it does not rule out that there can be some light patterns. As the walls and floors of the bathroom occupy most of the space visually, special attention should be paid to the color treatment. Good colors can help to improve the decorative effect, such as white, light green and rose, which can be used as the main colors of sanitary ware, and form a contrast with the wall and the ground, so that the space between the bathroom is more primary and secondary, and achieve the auspicious feng shui effect

in daily life, the bathroom also needs to be kept dry. Pay attention to dehumidification and ventilation at ordinary times. If possible, a higher window can be opened in the bathroom, so that the bathroom is sunny and the air is more circulating, so as to avoid the waste gas surrounding the health of the family

there are 3 pages in total, page 1, page 123, next page. Finally, before the decoration of the bathroom, it is necessary to determine whether to choose shower or bath or both, and then carry out the decoration design of the bathroom and purchase the corresponding lamps, floor tiles and other sanitary equipment. If the color is convenient, you can refer to the above wall and sanitary ware color selection to achieve coordination and unity

secondly, the waterproof of bathroom is also a problem that needs attention. The water inflow and drainage of the bathroom can not be ignored. These pipelines will have a certain impact on the layout of the bathroom, and the wrong design or decoration will have endless consequences, which will have a certain impact on the safety and comfort of daily life and even Feng Shui

the principle of choosing bathroom decoration color Feng Shui

1. Mutual compatibility: so why consider the above colors alone? Mutual restriction is always accompanied by symbiosis. What can be compatible with "water" is "gold". One of the representative colors of gold is white. So this is the main reason why most of our toilets choose white when decorating

the choice of white toilet decoration is related to Feng Shui, so how can we interpret such an image? First, analyze the five elements in the five elements and eight trigrams

2. Water and fire incompatibility: among the five elements, the attribute of the bathroom is "water", which means water and fire are incompatible, that is, water and fire are mutually exclusive, and the color of red and purple means fire. This is one of the reasons why we don't choose red and purple

3. Feng Shui complementation: there is a popular saying that the bathroom is mainly white in the choice of color: "the dirty place needs to be clean, and the smelly place should be more Finnish". White is the representative of cleanliness and a symbol of purity, so this is a complementary design principle

4. The primary and secondary colors in the bathroom are clear: there is also a primary and secondary color matching in the bathroom. Now the decoration pays attention to a personality, and the selection of colors is usually more diversified. So how to be miscellaneous without chaos, we must master the primary and secondary colors. Therefore, the sanitary ware can be used as the main color, which is in contrast with the wall and the ground, so that the primary and secondary space between the bathroom is clear, and it is the symbol of auspiciousness that there are primary and secondary

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the orientation of the house has a great impact on the feng shui of the whole family, so what about the orientation of the house? Here are some ways to judge the orientation of the house, which you can refer to

I. what is the orientation of the house

orientation refers to the direction in which houses, buildings or doors and windows are located. It is relative to the direction of the house, which is the geomantic saying of the Chinese book of changes. For example, if the direction of the house is north, its direction is south

there are generally two statements about the orientation of houses

the first type:

refers to the place with the largest lighting surface. China's rural houses generally have the largest lighting surface of the gate. In urban buildings, the main balcony is generally the largest lighting surface of each unit


the orientation of the house has a great impact on the feng shui of the whole family, so what about the orientation of the house? Here are some ways to judge the orientation of the house, which you can refer to

? 2、 Judging method of house orientation

generally speaking, as long as the living room windows and master bedroom windows face south, the house is the best, which is definitely warm in winter and cool in summer. Other rooms can face south best, and other orientations are also OK

according to the traditional house orientation culture, orientation usually refers to the orientation of the whole house. Sitting is opposite to orientation. Judging the orientation of the house is the basis for judging whether the house orientation is good or bad

the doors, windows and balconies of independent villas and rural houses are generally opened in front of the direction of the house. It is relatively simple to judge the direction, which is subject to the direction of the door. To judge the orientation of high-rise residential units in modern cities, we can follow the judgment principle of sunny side and bright hall. Therefore, high-rise residential buildings generally take the side with large balcony, multiple windows or the most lighting as the direction and the reverse as the sitting direction

the orientation of the house is in the order of due south, Southeast, East, southwest, North and West. However, it is enough for the room to receive 2-3 hours of sunlight in a day. If you can accept oneortwo hours of sunshine, it will be helpful to eliminate moisture in the room, kill bacteria, regulate indoor temperature, and accelerate air flow. Although the houses facing north and West receive less sunshine, as long as they can accept sunshine for a period of time, the indoor living environment can be improved

III. what is the orientation of modern houses

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