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In July, the weather in Xi'an is getting hotter and hotter, which makes many owners shy away from decoration. Two weeks ago, the reporter of China business daily even received a call from the owner to roast that the solid wood floor of the house he decorated last summer cracked in winter

in fact, as long as the home decoration works such as sunscreen, crack prevention and fire prevention are done in advance, the decoration in summer is also completely OK. To this end, the reporter interviewed some experts in home decoration especially for several summer decoration issues that the owners are most concerned about, so as to lay a good foundation for your summer decoration

■ water replenishment

the tiles can be watered for maintenance after being soaked in water 3 hours in advance

the owner's question: do you want to soak more water to prevent the tiles from hollowing and falling these days, or is there anything that needs special attention

Wang Jun, manager of Dongpeng ceramic tile sales inspection department, said: as long as you pay attention to the maintenance before and after the laying of ceramic tiles, there is no problem laying ceramic tiles in high temperature weather

the problem of hollowing and falling is due to the premature evaporation of water. If there is too little water in the cement, it will affect the strength of the cement, and the tiles are easy to bulge and fall off. Therefore, attention must be paid to water curing before and after paving. Glazed tiles should be soaked in water for more than 3 hours before paving. At the same time, water must be sprinkled on the wall and ground the night before paving to prevent the wall and ground from drying out

the tiles can be watered for curing within 12 hours after the tiles are paved to prevent the tiles from thermal expansion in high temperature days. When laying bricks, workers should plan how many bricks to use in advance and take out the water in advance. However, if too many tiles are not used in time, the water in the tiles will evaporate quickly

not only ceramic tiles, wallpapers and wallcoverings should be soaked in water before paving in summer “ Replenish water ”, Then apply glue for paving. After paving, let the wall with wallpaper and wallpaper dry naturally in the shade, so as to ensure that the wallpaper does not deform

■ sun protection

close the doors and windows after laying the floor to avoid exposure

the owner's question: are you going to lay solid wood composite floors these days, or do you want to do maintenance after leveling the ground? How to maintain in high temperature

Feng Yu, the designer of Mido space, suggested that water curing should be carried out for at least 48 hours after the completion of cement leveling for decoration in high temperature weather. If it is not cured, the temperature is too high in summer, the water evaporation is particularly fast, and the cement leveling ground is prone to cracking and other problems. After leveling the ground in summer, the concrete can solidify in about 5~8 hours. Basically, the ground can be watered a little in 8 hours, but not too often, no more than 4 times a day. The purpose of this is that there will be no temperature difference when paving the wooden floor, which will lead to the cracking and deformation of the wooden floor

besides high temperature, rainstorm is also a common weather in summer. Don't work in rainy days in order to catch up with the construction period, especially in continuous rainy days. High air humidity in rainy days will affect the paving effect of the floor, and floor arching and warping may also occur in the future. After paving the wooden floor, close the doors and windows, and let the floor dry naturally in the shade to prevent the floor from being exposed to direct sunlight. Strong ultraviolet rays will damage the paint on the floor surface and accelerate the drying and aging of the floor. In order to ensure the stability of the floor and prevent it from warping, don't walk on the floor and place heavy objects on the floor for 2-3 days after the floor is just paved, and leave enough space and time for the bonding of the floor glue

■ crack prevention

it's safer to brush latex paint and apply putty in the morning and evening

owner's question: I heard that the effect of applying putty is not good when the temperature exceeds 38 ℃. The weather forecast says that the temperature is high these days, and the workers are just ready to apply putty. Can they do it? Are there any precautions

Zhao Qing, the current decoration designer, suggested that the temperature is very important for paint construction, because the drying and conjunctival effect of paint depend on temperature and humidity. The most suitable temperature for painting is 5-35 ℃. Overheated weather will dry the paint too fast and affect the final effect. If the indoor temperature is too high in summer, the wall will dry quickly after painting emulsion paint or putty. This is caused by high temperature weather “ Table stem ” Phenomenon. Paint immediately after the surface is dry, and the wall surface is prone to cracking, hollowing and peeling in the later stage. For summer decoration, you can choose to carry out emulsion paint, putty and other construction when the temperature is low in the morning and evening

after painting, close the doors and windows and let the wall dry naturally in the shade. If the wall just finished painting is exposed to the sun, it is easy to make the wall color fall off, and the white wall will turn yellow. Exposure to the sun will also cause the wall to heat up. When the wall temperature drops after painting, the paint surface will crack. In addition to preventing exposure to the sun, it is also necessary to ensure the indoor humidity. The owner can put a few pots of water indoors to ensure the humidity to maintain the wall

■ fire prevention

place the necessary fire extinguishers on the construction site in the shade of the coating

the owner's question: in summer, it is dry and dry. Recently, I heard that several construction sites have fire accidents. Is there any special attention to fire prevention on the decoration site

Kong Xianjun, general manager of mango decoration, suggested that fire prevention at construction sites in summer is a safety issue that cannot be ignored. First of all, open fire cannot be used in on-site construction, and construction personnel must strictly abide by it. Workers are not allowed to smoke at the construction site, let alone cook with open fire. If you need to use electric welding technology, you must go to the property and other places for filing in advance

inflammables should be placed in a safe area with obvious signs. As paint, paint, wood, floor and other decorative materials are inflammables, workers must properly store them in a cool place after they arrive at the site. A large amount of combustible materials shall not be accumulated on the construction site. For the construction of inflammable and explosive materials, it is necessary to avoid knocking, collision, friction and other operations that may cause sparks. The supporting lamps, motors and electrical switches shall be equipped with safety explosion-proof devices

circuits and wires shall not be exposed to prevent the exposed metal from generating electric sparks and igniting indoor decorative materials. In addition, a good indoor ventilation environment should be maintained. Fire extinguishers, sandboxes or other fire-fighting tools must be equipped on the construction site to ensure that hidden dangers are eliminated at the first time and safety is guaranteed. China Business Daily reporter qianpengru





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